Jesus carries his cross

“Come to me, all who are weary and carry burdens...”

We pray for those carrying heavy burdens

The soldiers took Jesus prisoner.

Carrying his cross by himself, he

went out to a place called Skull Place

(in Aramaic, Golgotha).

                                       - John 19: 15-17

The Roman techniques of death by

crucifixion was notoriously brutal.

Beyond the actual excruciating 

physical pain, the humiliation of bearing the instrument of death through the streets on the way to the execution was meant to prolong and intensify the suffering. As we find the Jesus who carried the burden of his cross to Golgotha, we remember his earlier words that if we would only come to him, he would carry our burdens. We pray for all those who

carry heavy burdens and ask God to

give them rest.

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