Grow deeper Devotionals

a follow up to Concord Trinity UMC weekly sermon

Sunday, August 1, 2021 Grow Deeper Devotions

“Love & Mercy ” by Rev. Laura C. Taylor

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Monday - Luke 6:27-36. Wouldn’t life be easier if Jesus never said these things? We’re good at picking out verses that we can use to show others aren’t obeying God, but verse 35 really strikes at the heart of most human beings.


Is your first response love and compassion or anger and revenge when you’ve been hurt? How often do you lend to those you don’t like and expect nothing in return? In what ways do you show mercy like God has been merciful to you?

Tuesday - Mark 12:28-34. Do you remember what the purpose of offerings and sacrifices was for the Jewish community?


What are the greatest two commandments according to Jesus? How could love of God and others be more important that going through rituals of thanksgiving or forgiveness? How do we know when we are just going through the motions of our faith compared to truly loving God and others with all that we are?


Wednesday - Matthew 9:9-13. Why do you think tax collectors and sinners are lumped together? Why would Jesus call someone to follow him who was despised by the community? What does verse 13 mean to you? Do churches today look like they are following Jesus’ teaching here and welcoming “sinners” with mercy? What kind of love is this?


Thursday – Romans 12:9-21. Some simple life instructions for those who follow Jesus Christ ... but are they so simple?


Which verse between 14 and 18 is the most difficult for you to practice right now? Why?


What does it mean to let vengeance be in God’s hands instead of ours? Are we practicing verse 20 today? Whom do you consider your “enemies”?

Friday – Ephesians 2:1-10. God’s love for us is so great and God chose to show mercy to us through Christ instead of wrath and punishment.


If God shows kindness to us, how should we treat others?


If God offers mercy to those who are still sinning, how should we show mercy to others?


We have been saved by grace.


Are we offering grace to others?