Grow deeper Devotionals

a follow up to Concord Trinity UMC weekly sermon

The week of August 2nd

MondayRead Jeremiah 17:5-8.

The Bible often uses plant imagery to speak about spiritual growth. According to these verses, what happens to people who place their trust in human abilities alone? How does this compare to those who place their trust in the Lord? During these difficult times, have your roots been growing deeper in search of Living Water? How?

Tuesday Read Jeremiah 29:4-11.

The prophet Jeremiah writes to the people taken into exile by the Babylonians to encourage them to get on with their lives because it may be awhile before they will return back to their homeland. How are they expected to bloom in this foreign land? Why would God give them the instructions in verse 7? What do you think got them through the 70 years of waiting for the possibility of returning to “normal”? How are you trying to bloom in this season?

Wednesday Read Psalm 92.

How are plants referenced in this song of Thanksgiving? What does it mean to be righteous? Why do you think the righteous flourish? According to verse 14, is there a time where God’s faithful should be “done” growing? What do you do to stay green and flourishing during all seasons of your life?

Thursday -  Read Isaiah 5:1-10.    

Why did the planter take such care with this vineyard? What does the vineyard represent? What does it mean that only wild grapes grew? What do verses 7-10 tell us about God’s concern for justice and caring for all? What kind of grape are you?

FridayRead 1 Corinthians 3:5-9.   

In the early church, people had a tendency to put their allegiance to the human messenger of God’s Word ahead of their allegiance to Christ. What is Paul trying to tell this community in verses 5-7? Why is it important to remember that God brings the growth? How are you growing and also planting seeds for others to grow in faith too?

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