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What gifts and talents will you share with the Concord Trinity Community?

If you're not sure, then try taking this Spiritual Gifts inventory which will help you identify some areas of giftedness and how those gifts might be used in the church and/or community.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

And after you take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment, we'd like for you to take the Volunteer Role Survey to see how your gifts might intersect with ministry needs at CTUMC.

Volunteer Role Survey

Followers of Jesus serve God and others through the church and the community. Our new Realm database program has categories for listing your interests, gifts and talents so that connections may be made faster between needs in our community and helpers within our church family. Please update your Realm profile or contact the church office for assistance. Our Ministerial Director of Discipleship and Missions, J.T. Young, would be glad to meet with you to help you find meaningful ways for you to connect in ministry.


Immediate Volunteer Needs: Multimedia/Sound Volunteers, Video Creators, Food Distribution Volunteers with La Trinidad, Database Updating, and Ambassadors to help with creating a safe and welcoming environment as

we expand our in-person worship.


Contact J.T. Young by clicking here.

Contact Nancy M. by clicking here.

Contact Stacy by clicking here.


Contact Lori Scott BY CLICKING HERE.

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