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Statement of Church Leadership Council Regarding Inclusion


It was recently announced that a new denomination – the Global Methodist Church – has been created and will be splitting from the United Methodist Church. This action has raised many questions regarding the position of Concord Trinity United Methodist Church. Like every family, we are a family with a wide variety of beliefs and opinions. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t bound by the love of Christ and each other. So, what can, and should we do?   

It is the position of the Church Leadership Council that first, we should continue to pray for God’s guidance and the wisdom to make compassionate decisions. Second, we should always remember our mission “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”   

The issues regarding the church’s position regarding the LGBTQ+ community are extremely important, but what’s more important is that our work as Christians cannot be put on hold while we wait for bureaucratic decisions. 

Three years ago, the Council published a letter where we stated that every individual has sacred worth. We should strive to fulfill our purpose to become more like Jesus and see the world as He does. Our vision is to connect people – not some people, not certain people, not similar people . . . just people. We should continue to strive to be a welcoming congregation and encourage participation from all people, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, economic status, physical and mental ability. This includes those who are LGBTQ+. The love of Jesus Christ is here for everyone. 


Our position has not changed. The Church Leadership Council and Staff of Concord Trinity are in alignment with the Missouri Annual Conference Leadership; that is, the position stated by Bishop Robert Farr regarding honoring the Wesleyan middle way with a “may or may not” approach to issues of concern in the Book of Discipline (which were first added in 1972). We are United Methodist, as we have always been. May God bless us as we move forward during these difficult times. 


Church Leadership Council 

March 2022 

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