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Thanks for wandering onto our CTYouth page. We have a TON going on already and so much more to come!  We are intentional about creating spaces where everyone feels safe and this is a place of belonging, regardless of who you are.  Whether you are a theater kid or an athletic type or musical prodigy or foodie or the expert in the science of video games, you belong and GOD LOVES YOU!  Check out the info/opportunities below!  Permission slip is online (below) and good for alllllll of 2022-23's academic year! 

Sunday Mornings 

- 9a Breakfast Gathering (Rm. 226)

- 10:30a Worship (Sanctuary)

Sunday Night 6-8p

- 5:45p Doors Open (South Ent.)

- 6:00p Hang out/Lounge (Rm. 225)

- 6:24p Faith Convos (Rm. 224/226)

- 7:15p Game Time (Gym) 

Sunday Nights 6-8p

April 2023 Youth Min Series.png

Have you ever heard someone say something that seemed unreasonable? Maybe they told a story or made a statement that was hard for you to believe. It’s not always easy to ask questions or express doubt when other people seem so certain, and that’s especially true when it comes to faith. If you ask hard questions about God or are honest about the things you’re not sure about, what will people think? Will they judge you? Will they laugh at you? But in this four-week series from the Gospels, we’ll see it really is possible to have questions and doubts while still having faith. Through Scripture, we’ll discover that when we have doubts and questions, we don’t need to ignore them or sweep them under the rug. Instead, we can look to Jesus, look to the Holy Spirit, look to God’s words, and look for God in unexpected places.     

Sunday Mornings 9a

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Upcoming Events

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Join us for conversation about what WE believe - while you work to figure out what YOU believe.  If they are different, that is 100% okay.  We love having these conversations! 

Family Serve Day 2023.05 (1).png

family serve day @ Lifewise stl

may 6 | 1-3 p

Quarterly, we meet at LifeWise STL to serve our community in however they need! Sometimes, we help clean and organize their preschool/nursery spaces.  Other times, we melt crayons down into new crayons or help prepare for their grocery store or bodega! 

All are welcome - ALL must complete LifeWise STL's waiver to participate - HERE!

2023 MISSION TRIP (2).png

2023 mission trip

Join us July 8-15, 2023, for our annual youth mission trip!  We'll load up giant vans as we journey (with a pit-stop) to PA to serve a rural community in doing basic home repair, ramp-building, and other hands-on work that makes a difference! We'll spend the evenings eating, worshipping, & ridiculously fun activities! You WON'T wanna miss this- Scholarships available!
Registration is NOW closed! We ARE still looking for donors for scholarships for kids! 

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