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The ministry of music nurtures the spiritual life of the entire church. Its first priority is to contribute to the worship life of the congregation. At its heart, music in the church is based on relationships as much as it is on music itself: the individual's relationship to God, the group's understanding of its relationship to God, and the relationship between people. As such, it is a vehicle through which the church is able to fulfill its ministry.

Ministry through music means different things to different people. To those who participate actively, it is a means of stewardship and expression of faith. To pastors, it represents a means of expression and edification of spiritual concepts. To listeners and responders, it becomes a means of expression of praise, thanksgiving, confession, gratitude, adoration and worship of God.


The ministry of music at Concord Trinity is an inclusive program, encompassing many musical styles, all ages and abilities, speaking to and drawing from the musical heritage of the whole church. Under the leadership of our gifted staff and volunteers, the music program at Concord Trinity is alive and active. Please join us!  


The Chancel Choir is a very active and important group in the music ministry of Concord Trinity. Their primary mission is to lead in worship at the 9a service. The Chancel Choir also provides special music at various times throughout the year. We always have special concerts at Christmas and Easter/Spring, and the choir often travels during the summer to share their gifts on tour. All willing and dedicated persons are invited to join the choir. Rehearsals are from 6:30p - 8:30pm on Wednesday evenings during the season. (September-May)


We offer a variety of handbell and handchime choirs which provides opportunities for those of varying ages and backgrounds to contribute their gift of music using these unique instruments. The goal of the handbell program is to learn to use music as a vehicle for expression of our devotion to God. There are five octaves of bells and three octaves of choir chimes. This ministry is an excellent way to meet people and participate in a joy-filled ministry!  Choir rehearsals are from 4:30-5:30p on Sunday afternoons, both during the season. (September-May)


From trumpets to violins and everything in between, we have opportunities for you to play in worship. We occasionally have an all-church orchestra and often accompany the Chancel Choir with anthems and special concerts. We also have a variety of opportunities for pianists and organists to share their gifts with our congregation. Contact the director to learn about getting involved in our instrumental music ministry. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed.


Each week, a team of people assists us by running the video screens for worship and operating the sound board. Training is available and everyone is welcome to participate. We also welcome high school students to participate in this important ministry.


It takes a team of people working each week to make sure all of our worship services flow smoothly. We have the important task of welcoming people, decorating our worship space for sermon series and liturgical holidays and coordinating all of the lay people involved in worship each week. If you are interested in any of these positions, contact the appropriate ministry leader.


Each season, we present a variety of concerts as a part of our annual concert series. In addition to the series, we also offer the CTUMC Concert Series Scholarship program to music majors in a local college. 

You can find out more information about our series by clicking here.

You can find out more information about our CTUMC Concert Series Scholarship by clicking here.

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