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The Vision

“Chreia” (pronounced: "cray-uh") is the Greek word meaning “necessity” or “need,” taken from Acts 2:45 in which all the believers sold their possessions and distributed the proceeds “as any had need.” It's out of this spirit of communal assistance and mutual aid that The Chreia Project was born. Our vision –– to foster holistic, sustainable transformation in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of South St. Louis County –– is carried out by building intentional relationships with those who approach Concord Trinity in a time of need, and walking with them over an extensive period of time. By working together to meet basic needs, address underlying struggles, and empower talents and giftedness, we hope to create lasting change such that an individual returns to a state of independence and self-determination.

Reach Out


While the labor of community aid and social justice is full-time work, most of our Chreia Project personnel are unpaid volunteers, so please allow up 48 hours (or two business days) for a response.

Fine Print + Disclaimers

  • As most of The Chreia Project personnel is volunteer, we can't guarantee that we will have the availability to work with everyone who contacts us. However, we'd be grateful for the opportunity to be in communication with you, listen to your story, and direct you to other resources in the St. Louis area who might be better able to assist you at that time. 

  • As the Church has a long tradition of abuse toward LGBTQ+ persons, we believe it's important to explicitly articulate that The Chreia Project (nor its parent organization, Concord Trinity UMC) does NOT discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcomed and encouraged to reach out.

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